With the mastery of each style: knowledge, materials and evolution.

To better define the needs of your furniture in restoration cabinetmaking art – Travel styles and history.


Mastery of traditional constructions and assemblies. First veneers and marquetry: ebony/bone.

Ball / Louis XVI.

Marquetry. The first use by cabinetmakers of materials from elsewhere: turtle scales and first brass/bronze ornaments.

XVIIIth French.

Mastery of Louis XV curves and refinement of lines towards the Louis XVI style. First furniture with straight lines.

Charles X / Louis Philippe / Restoration – XIXth century.

Refinement of wood materials. First oppositions clear wood, dark wood in the marquetry.

Napoleon III.

Industrialization of Ball Marquetry, which is spreading around the world.

Late XIX / Industrial era.

Manufacture of furniture in series. New techniques related to machine tools.

Art Nouveau (1900-1920).

First furniture round shapes, mastered curves and complexity of construction: sculpture and ornament.

In parallel the Art Deco style (1920-1930) / Era of luxury.

Inspired by the German modernist movement Bahaus, the Art Deco style gives birth to design, the precursor of the contemporary movement. Back geometric lines. Research new materials: straw, mica, shagreen through travel and new discoveries. The Art Deco style reflects the refinement of the assemblies.

1950 / Era of the standardization of furniture.

Inspired by Bauhaus, Corbusier creates the standard of spaces.

Aisthésis also masters the knowledge and know-how of the restoration of your furniture, with English, American, German, Austrian and European styles, and their evolutions.


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