The meeting of tradition and contemporary design.

Aisthésis workshop designs have clean and modern lines and are made using traditional techniques – varnishing, frieze, natural glue – that bring elegance and refinement to the pieces.

Artist, Creator Craftman

The cabinetmaker works with precious wood essences and natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, bone, parchment, mica, horn or shagreen. Using these singular and elegant materials is essential to their work, and, combined with exceptional craftsmanship, they sublime wood in order to create Art Furniture.

* The use of these materials respects the Washington Convention.

The search of balance and form

The balance of shapes is a key driver in the creation process in Aisthésis workshop. They are inspired by ancient architecture and sacred art and geometry, and have been able to upset the natural balance of forms in order to bring harmony between furniture and space.

Aisthésis designs, who do have contemporary lines, also have a spiritual dimension: “creation is the meeting of a form, a symbol, a story”