Aisthésis – creation, manufacture and restoration

By working with rare and natural materials, the designers and cabinetmakers of Aisthésis imagine and manufacture furniture collections with rare and bold curves.

Exotic woods such as ebony, rosewood, lemon tree, amaranth or sycamore, are combined with natural materials such as shagreen, mother of pearl, parchment, mica, bone or horn.

Nourished by mythology, symbolism and history, the inspiration of the creators is materialized by contemporary furniture which reveals French know-how of excellence.

Aisthésis workshop masters precious materials in order to create harmony in their furniture and arouse the viewer’s emotions.

The cabinetmakers of the Atelier Aisthésis manufacture high-end custom furniture, unique pieces or small series, for any decoration project.

Enlightened by expert knowledge of the technical evolution and the historical pattern of each style, they restore pieces of furniture and objects of art with due respect for traditions.